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A CRA Member Exclusive

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ADA For SSO-Actives
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ADA Compliance for Websites

Last Updated/Reviewed: 2023

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) generally requires that businesses provide qualified individuals…

Staff For SSO-Actives
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Cellular Telephones

Note: Highlighted words or sections indicate new or updated material from the last version of this guidance.

While at work, we expect our employees to devote their fully energy and attention to conducting company business. Receiving personal phone…

Staff For SSO-Actives
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Confidentiality Agreement

Our legal partner Anthony Zaller has created this confidentiality agreement template for use by CRA members as needed. We recommend that…

Security For SSO-Actives
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Don’t be a target for hackers

While most restaurant owners accept credit and debit cards, very few understand the financial strain that may result if data thieves break…

Staff For SSO-Actives
Cooking Staff

Employment termination

Terminating an employment relationship is never easy. Many people fail to appreciate how personally and legally…

Staff For SSO-Actives

Employment of minors

Last Updated/Reviewed: 2023

Passed and signed into law in late 2020, AB1963 established that “mandated reporters” now include certain supervisor and human resources…

Customers For SSO-Actives

Marijuana use in California restaurants

Note: Industry Insight reviewed/updated in November 2022.

In 2016, Proposition 64, known as the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, effectively legalized the use of recreational…

Customers For SSO-Actives
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Minors and Bars: The Basics

Everyone knows that in California you must be 21 in order to consume alcoholic beverages. However, can someone under the age…

Business For SSO-Actives
Record Player

Music use and copyright law

Note: Industry Insight reviewed/updated in January 2022.

Restaurant owners and operators are often caught off-guard when they receive a letter or phone call from a representative…

Staff For SSO-Actives

An Overview of Overtime Laws

Note: Industry Insight reviewed/updated in February 2021.

The overtime rules affecting California’s food and alcohol/beverage service industries are described in Industrial Welfare…

Labor + Employment For SSO-Actives
Stacks of Binders


Many restaurant operators are unfortunately all too familiar with the California Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA). PAGA claims continue to…

Business For SSO-Actives
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Sexual Harassment: An employer’s guide

Note: Industry Insight reviewed/updated in February 2021.

In today’s current climate, sexual harassment has become a prevalent and prominent topic of discourse in the media. Sexual harassment awareness has…

Health Care For SSO-Actives
Woman Hands Crossed

Mental Health Issues

Note: Industry Insight reviewed/updated in November 2022.

Mental illness has been stigmatized in society. Until recently, and to avoid being singled out, judged or marginalized…

Tips For SSO-Actives
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Tip reporting requirements

TEFRA requires tipped employees working at “large food or beverage establishments” to report, at a minimum, 8 percent of the establishment’s gross…

Tips For SSO-Actives
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Tips defined and guidelines

On June 20, 2012, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued Revenue Ruling 2012-18 to clarify and update existing guidelines on taxation…

Staff For SSO-Actives
Young Lady Waiting

Uniforms: Guide to uniforms

Many restaurant operators are confused about uniforms. What they are? Who buys them? Who takes care of them? These…

Business For SSO-Actives
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Unionization and the workplace

For restaurant operators supporting unionizing efforts, the labor law requirements are not as stringent as they are for restaurant operators…

Minimum Wage For SSO-Actives
Scrabble spelling wage

Wage deductions and garnishments

With the exception of standard payroll tax deductions, the law generally prohibits an employer from deducting any wages from an employee’s paycheck…

Labor + Employment For SSO-Actives
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Wage enforcement

Wage theft occurs when an employee earns less money than his or her employer is legally required to pay. This usually arises when an…