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Political Action Committees
Supporting candidates and political issues

About the CRA Political Action Committee

The five CRA Political Action Committees (PAC) support candidates and issues at the state and local levels in an effort to help elect officials sensitive to the needs of the restaurant industry while engaging in issue management to ensure protection of restaurant operations.

When you contribute to a CRA Political Action Committee, you:

Build relationships with legislators who are committed to fairness.

Strengthen our advocacy efforts in California.

Provide the industry a stronger voice when issues are debated.


Five CRA Political Action Committees (PAC):

  • CRA Candidate PAC: Work to elect candidates sensitive to the unique needs of California’s restaurant industry.
  • CRA Issues PAC: Engages in issues and policy that protect restaurant interests while battling harmful measures.
  • San Diego Restaurant + Beverage PAC: Supports and elects local candidates
  • Los Angeles Food + Beverage PAC: Supports and elects local candidates
  • Greater Sacramento Restaurant PAC: Supports and elects local candidates.
Want to help build your industry voice?

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