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Paychex a CRA Marketplace Partner

Simplify Your HR Administration and Payroll with a Valued Partner

Paychex simplifies the challenges of managing HR, payroll and benefits with flexible, scalable solutions

For more than 45 years, Paychex has been an industry leader in providing solutions and services that support your employees through their work lifecycle. From hire to retire, Paychex helps you stay ahead of the curve on compliance requirements and enables you to focus on running your business and growing your bottom line.

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Solutions that GROW With You

As a preferred partner, Paychex offers significant discounts for CRA members. To contact Paychex:

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Paychex Program Benefits

Experience what more than 740,000 clients have already achieved by partnering with Paychex.

Number One

Stay compliant:
Paychex uses the knowledge of hundreds of dedicated compliance experts to help keep you up to date with ever-changing labor laws, payroll tax requirements, and more so you can mitigate the risk of expensive fines and lawsuits.

Number Two

Manage HR data:
Integration of HR, payroll and benefits on one platform saves time, helps keep information secure.

Number Three

Payroll your way:
Do it yourself or have a dedicated payroll specialist help.

Number Four

Go mobile:
Gain flexibility with employer and employee access to certain HR and payroll and information. What’s better? It’s free and secure.



401(k) is one of the most valued employee benefits. Let Paychex help.

More than 4 in 5 workers (84 percent) agree that the next time they look for a job … the retirement benefits offered by the prospective employer will be a major factor in their final decision**

A 401(k) provides many benefits, to your staff, to the business, and to you!

  • A simple savings vehicle for retirement
  • Tax savings for participants
  • Seamless administration through payroll
  • Optional company matching and profit sharing
  • Use your own financial advisor, or let Paychex recommend one

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Paychex Flex®

Whether you prefer to report payroll information over the phone or email, or process payroll yourself using our easy-to-use cloud platform, our intuitive technology and flexible service options will free you to focus on what you do best — running your business.

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Paychex WORX Blog

Discover business resources to help you and your employees succeed.

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Focus on your business and leave Payroll and HR to us

Paychex Flex®, our all-in-one HR solution, helps simplify the process and helps you to effectively manage workers across the entire employee lifecycle.

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Do CRA members receive a discount when they use Paychex?

Yes, CRA members are eligible for special Paychex solutions and services discounts

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question mark Does Paychex offer a 401K solution?
  Yes, Paychex can administer 401Ks
question mark How long has Paychex been in business?
  Paychex has over 50+ years of industry experience
question mark Does Paychex offer 24/7 support?
  Yes, with Paychex Flex® they offer 24/7 support, mobile access, and an HR guidance library
question mark Does your platform offer reporting?
  Yes, Paychex offers seamless integration between products to help you run your business



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