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How to Attract More Job Candidates and Make Better, Faster Hires

If you’re struggling with filling your candidate pipeline, or dealing with escalating cost-per-hire and time-to-fill, there are a few critical factors you should evaluate. Sometimes a minor change can make a significant difference when candidates are learning about your jobs.

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Member Benefit: Free passes to the NRA show

As part of your CRA Restaurateur membership, you receive a dual National Restaurant Association membership, which makes you eligible to receive one complimentary badge to the NRA Show. 

Government Affairs

Restaurant Day FAQ
What is Restaurant Day at the Capitol?

California Restaurant Association (CRA) Restaurant Day at the Capitol is an annual event sponsored by CRA, where restaurant owners and operators like you gather to learn and practice lobbying for industry legislation at the state level.


Service charges definition and guidelines

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Note: Highlighted words or sections indicate new or updated material from the last version of this guidance.

In a ruling issued in June 2012, the Internal Revenue Service clarified the difference between a tip and a service charge for…