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Labor Compliance Solutions
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A simple way to save money and maintain labor compliance

Labor laws are complicated and overwhelming, and meal and rest premium payments can add up fast. That is why you need EmployeeMetrics Software Solutions. This easy-to-use software is the simplest and smartest way to save you money on a daily basis and give you the best protection against legal action.

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Save thousands of dollars per month by placing “Live View” inside your restaurant.

  • Employee shifts are an average of 2-7 minutes less. This equates to $1,200-$4,000 in labor cost savings per month.*
  • Meal period adherence improves by an average of 5-15 percent. This equates to $1,500-$4,500 less in meal premiums per month.*

* For a restaurant with 50 hourly employees.

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EmployeeMetrics® The MANY Benefits

Proactive ● Innovative ● Simple

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Exclusive Offer for CRA Members
Start saving now at no cost for the first two months

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Labor Costs Savings
By displaying real-time timekeeping data inside the restaurant, employees’ hours more closely align with their expected shift length, thereby decreasing unauthorized time on the clock

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Meal/Rest Period Adherence
Color-coded display ensures that employees know by when their breaks should be taken and when breaks have been recorded

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Lawsuit Protection
Add-on to timekeeping has helped employers show that compliant meal and rest periods were provided

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Stay Up to Date
Managers/administrators can track employees’ hours and breaks through notifications and end-of-day reports

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A Healthier Workplace and Workforce
More transparency, less micro-management, and getting people to take breaks help businesses thrive



How Does EmployeeMetrics® Help?

A real-time look at customer success story.

Using EmployeeMetrics’ software, this well-known establishment in San Diego, California, significantly reduced its break violations over just a few months.

Their cost savings and break compliance increased, making them less vulnerable to lawsuits while keeping the same staff productivity level.

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Learn more about the EmployeeMetrics and CRA partnership

EmployeeMetrics® Resource Sheet

A Simple Way for Restaurants to Save Money on Labor

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Are there any offers for CRA members?

Yes, CRA members can start saving now at no cost for the first two months

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Question mark icon Does EmployeeMetrics® work with existing POS/timekeeping systems?
  Yes, EmployeeMetrics® works with Aloha, Brink POS, Toast, Micros, Paycom, Heartland, Homebase, Focus, POS touch, T Sheets, Zenoti, and many more
Question mark icon How can I access EmployeeMetrics Live View?
  EmployeeMetrics Live View is available across all iOS & Android devices, as well as any device with a browser
Question mark icon What if my timekeeping system currently is not integrated with EmployeeMetrics®?
  EmployeeMetrics® will work with you to assess what is involved in constructing a new integration. Most new integrations take approximately one month to complete
Question mark icon Where can I learn more about EmployeeMetrics®?
  You can easily request information by submitting the form below or by visiting the EmployeeMetrics® FAQs webpage



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