Paid Sick Leave
Second Round of Paid Sick Leave for Businesses in the City of Los Angeles


While the City of Los Angeles has its own paid sick leave law on the books since July of 2016 for those doing business within the city limits, July 1 marks the start of the new mandate for smaller employers.

The local law mandates 6 work days total (48 hours) of paid sick leave. It took effect on July 1, 2016 for businesses with 26+ employees, but July 1, 2017 is the start date for businesses with 25 or fewer employees.

​The paid sick leave will be provided to all employees who work at least two hours in a particular week in the City of Los Angeles for the same employer for 30 days or more within a year.

In order to comply, you may front-load by providing at least 48 hours either at the beginning of each year of employment, calendar year, or 12-month period. Or, you can accrue one (1) hour of paid sick leave for every thirty (30) hours worked.

Accrued unused paid sick leave shall carry over to the following year of employment and may be capped at a minimum of 72 hours. However, an employer may choose no cap or a higher cap. An employer is not required to provide compensation to an employee for accrued or unused sick days at separation from employment. If an employee is re-hired within one (1) year of separation from employment, previously accrued and unused paid sick leave shall be reinstated.
An employee may use paid sick leave beginning on the 90th day of employment. An employer shall provide paid sick leave upon the oral or written request of an employee for themselves or a family member, or for any individual related by blood or affinity. Usage of more than 3 consecutive days requires a note from a doctor. The use of paid sick leave may be limited to 48 hours leave annually.