Receipt message


What is the CRA “Receipt Message”?

The Receipt Message is a completely FREE way for you to help promote the industry we all love—and everything our businesses contribute to their communities each day. The message tells customers how much, on average, restaurants invest in their business and employees.

How much do restaurants invest in this way?

The answer is, a lot. Nationally, the average profit margin in restaurants is about 5 percent. That means 95 percent of what restaurants take in as revenue goes into the food, the employees, and everything else that comes with running the place. Profit margins at your restaurant may be slightly higher or slightly lower, but this is a national average.


How have consumers been responding to the message?

In testing both in focus groups and with real restaurant customers, consumers responded favorably to knowing that most of what they pay for a meal goes right back into the operation. They often walk away with a feeling that the establishment is ‘a quality place’, that the restaurant ‘cares about customers’ and that the profit margin ‘is not a lot.’


How do I use the message at my restaurant?

First, print the message on your receipts! The CRA estimates that there are an average of 10 million restaurant transactions a day in California. That’s 10 million opportunities for us to communicate directly with the public about issues that are important to our businesses and communities! If your restaurant uses check presenters, you can tuck a card that displays the message into the flap where customers put their credit card. Or, you can attach a sticker onto the check presenters. The CRA will provide the cards and stickers to restaurants for free!


Will there be other messages in the future?

Yes, the CRA believes that it’s important for restaurants to communicate directly with the public. Customers aren’t just people we sell a product to. They’re also voters, policy makers and business owners themselves. We should be telling them what an important part of the community restaurants are!


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