Wilson Elser
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Wilson Elser is the preeminent defense litigation firm in the United States.

At any given time, our more than 1,000 attorneys are engaged in some 100,000 defense and coverage matters, with many defending clients in various local, state and federal courts. Indeed, over more than four decades, our litigation, coverage and trial lawyers have gained a reputation for taking on and prevailing in the most challenging and technical cases, frequently “parachuting in” to assume unresolved matters from other law firms. From one-off premises liability matters to bad faith coverage claims to large-scale program management, we handle most every type of litigation.

Our enviable reputation and penchant for success derive from the acknowledgement that winning lawsuits is defined in different ways by different clients. What constitutes a “win” is informed by a calculus based on each client’s business model, legal objectives and risk appetite, as well as the distinct circumstances surrounding an individual matter. We carefully weigh these and other considerations and then aggressively pursue negotiated early settlements, dispositive motions, mediated agreements, defense verdicts or other appropriate resolution methods. In all cases and jurisdictions, we can be relied on to win on our clients’ terms and, rigorously adhere to their guidelines.

Since natural and manmade crises are not confined to normal business hours, we take particular pride in being “crisis-ready,” often arriving on-site or otherwise engaging within the first critical hours following an incident. With 44 offices in or near most major U.S. markets, our attorneys don’t have far to travel. We also help clients develop strong risk management protocols, thus avoiding liabilities and their financial and reputational repercussions.

More than a cadre of accomplished attorneys, many of us are well-known, highly regarded thought leaders in our respective practice areas. As such, we provide useful information and insights to our clients in advancing their businesses, and intensive mentoring and training to our next generation of attorneys in advancing their careers.

In this and all we do, Wilson Elser attorneys and staff champion a diversity of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives that mirrors our clients, makes us stronger, and enhances our contributions to the legal, business and broader communities.

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