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Even if you already built an outdoor dining space, the City of LA wants you to go through an expensive and time consuming re-permit process. For new and existing al fresco dining, this will be expensive with no guarantee that you will receive a permit.

Dear Los Angeles restaurateurs, 

Unless the city’s Planning Department dramatically alters its draft proposal on outdoor dining, then your patio dining is at risk, even on private property.  

For those of you using public property for outdoor seating, that portion of the dining program extension will be dealt with separately by the city – and we will provide you with that information as soon as the city releases it. The city’s current proposal, which you can read here, reverts to old, pre-COVID outdoor dining rules that were always onerous, expensive, and loaded with red tape. Even on private property, you will either have to pay thousands more in fees or reduce or even eliminate your patio dining. Not good for restaurants. Not good for your guests either.  


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