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The CRA is working to help you avoid a return to an unnecessary, expensive and time consuming re-permit process.

Dear Los Angeles restaurateurs,

The city’s Planning Department has made significant modifications to its draft proposal on outdoor dining, and we are grateful. However, the newest version of the city’s ordinance still needs work and we encourage you to lend your voice to upcoming public hearings.

For those of you using public property for outdoor seating, that portion of the dining program extension will be dealt with separately by the city – and we will provide you with that information as soon as the city releases it. 

For those of you with outdoor dining on private property,  the City released its revised ordinance on April 7, 2023. Some of the most onerous requirements have been removed, and we continue to analyze other aspects of the revised draft ordinance. You can read the Staff Recommendation Report here. For a comparison chart between the initial proposal released last November and the one released on 4/7/23, please see here.

Please join us at the public hearing on Thursday, April 27th. Click here for a link to the agenda and instructions for joining the meeting virtually. We encourage you to connect remotely as it could take some time before our agenda item is up for discussion.


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Send a letter to L.A. City Council members, who will have final say on what outdoor dining looks like in Los Angeles.

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Download a printable table tent, poster or check envelope insert and put it in front of your guests. A QR code will take them to, where they can get engaged on this issue that impacts them, too.

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