Ready to comply with the new food recycling mandates?


CRA allied member Resource Management Group launched a food waste recycling service two years ago to ensure businesses meet CalRecycle’s new AB 1826 law requiring commercial organics recycling.

The latest deadline for implementation is quickly approaching on January 1st, 2019 and requires that businesses that generate more than 4 cubic yards of solid waste per month shall arrange for a food waste recycling service.

The mandate specifies that “Organic waste means food waste, green waste, landscape and pruning waste, nonhazardous wood waste, and food-soiled paper waste that is mixed in with food waste. This law phases in the mandatory recycling of commercial organics over time, while also offering an exemption process for rural counties. In particular, the minimum threshold of organic waste generation by businesses decreases over time, which means an increasingly greater proportion of the commercial sector will be required to comply.” (CalRecycle, 2018)

RMG has a strict emphasis on food waste only, because it contributes to the majority of solid waste volume. The service can significantly increase diversion while reducing your business’s carbon footprint. An important aspect of this service is the convenience of the pod containing four 35-gallon totes that RMG will supply. Each tote can be stationed as needed for kitchen-accessible prep or post-consumer food waste. They are easily transportable and have a lockable lid to prevent scavengers from getting in.

Yes! You can recycle:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Rice, beans, pasta and bakery items
  • Coffee grounds, filters and tea bags
  • Dairy and egg products (no milk)
  • Boneless cooked meats

No. You can’t recycle:

  • Meat bones
  • Liquids or oils
  • Non-food items

So far, the service is offered in San Diego, Orange and L.A. counties. If you would like to request more information about this service to make sure your establishment is in compliance, please contact your local RMG representative at the San Diego Branch: (619) 379-1037.

Download a handy compliance flier on the right.