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Easy Ice - A CRA Marketplace Partner

California’s Leading Ice Experts

Stop worrying about your ice supply and focus on your business.

Easy Ice takes all the hassle out of business owners’ ice experience. With their managed rental program, your ice supply is handled every step of the way—from selecting the perfect equipment for your business needs to maintenance, repairs, and backup ice coverage.

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Get 50% off setup + installation when you get started with Easy Ice through the CRA.

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Easy Ice Program Benefits

One affordable monthly payment gets you all the following benefits.


Number One

50% off installation for CRA members


Number Two

Ice machines, storage bins and dispensers from top-rated brands

Number Three

All repairs, including parts and labor

Number Four

Professional deep cleaning, sanitizing and preventive maintenance, including water filter changes

Number Five

The most experienced and well-trained technicians in the industry

Number Six

Customer service 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Number 7

Backup ice provided in the event of mechanical failure



Why Easy Ice?

The nation’s leading ice experts.

From providing equipment at scale to large establishments and franchises to finding the perfect solution for small, single-location restaurants, Easy Ice knows exactly how to fit you with the right commercial-grade ice equipment for your needs. Their inventory consists of machines to fit all needs, whether that’s a small, specialty ice machine for under the bar counter, or multiple standard ice cube machines that make hundreds of pounds of ice a day.

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Learn how the Easy Ice Rental Program works

Easy Ice Rental Program

Learn more about the Easy Ice managed rental program, how it works, and what to expect when you get started.

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Learn more about the Easy Ice Equipment

Easy Ice Equipment

Browse the Easy Ice inventory of commercial ice machines, bins, and dispensers.

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Learn more about the Easy Ice blog

Easy Ice Blog

Read blogs about troubleshooting, different ice types, the pros and cons of different equipment types, and more.

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Do I need to be a CRA member to get 50% off installation?

Yes, only eligible CRA members will receive the discounted installation.

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question mark What if I need more than one ice machine?
  We can accommodate a wide range of ice equipment needs, including multiple ice makers at one location. We also offer multi-unit discounts on subscriptions for large accounts.
question mark Are ice bins included?
  Yes, ice bins are standard with our subscription. However, we will utilize customer-owned ice storage on a case-by-case basis. An ice storage bin is not provided for non-applicable situations (beverage dispensers, ice-only dispensers, etc.). Monthly rates for subscriptions excluding commercial ice maker bins may differ.
question mark Are there add-ons I can purchase?
  Yes, and we often suggest these early in our discovery work, based on your business environment. Additional cleanings, maintenance visits, ozone, and other options are available. Call our Ice Specialist team at 866-327-9423 to find out if add-ons are right for you.
question mark Is there a setup fee?
  Yes, there is a nominal setup fee associated with your subscription based on factors such as machine location, size, etc. However, as a CRA member, you get 50% off this fee!



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