Safety Basics Training for Restaurants

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Package Pricing - Member Pricing: $15.00 | Non-Member Pricing: $25.00
Subscription Length - Monthly

Protect your employees with the restaurant safety basics training program. Training employees in safety can be effective in decreasing injuries, reduce cost and improve employee happiness.

Your employees will:

  • Get an overview on common slips, trips and fall hazards in the hospitality industry and learn to recognize potential hazards to prevent injury
  • Prevent or reduce cuts and lacerations in the workplace by learning the correct use of tools and protection equipment in environments where slicing, cutting, and handling sharp objects are part of the job
  • Covers the basics of fire extinguishers, learn about the different types of fires, and which fire extinguisher to use in each case
  • Properly lift and carry items can help prevent the most common injuries

What’s included:

Slips, Trips & Falls

Cuts & Lacerations

Fire Extinguisher 101

Proper Lifting

Subscribe to any of these packages for up to 20 users per month in the CRA Training System. Providing this package to your staff, we will set up your account to distribute and view your staff progress for the package(s) you subscribed to.

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