Prepare for a blackout

Building with no lights, blackout

What do I do if there’s a blackout?

Due to recent and ongoing PG&E blackouts across the state, we have compiled some useful resources for restaurants.

While you may get prior notice of a pending blackout, it’s good to be prepared in case of a natural disaster, which could block normal utilities for a longer period.



  • Follow local news stations and PG&E on Twitter (@PGE4Me) and Facebook (@pacificgasandelectric) for real-time updates.
  • Consider using a back-up generator or working with an unaffected restaurant to store your refrigerated ingredients. 
  • Print out your upcoming reservations and a staff list so that you can contact people in case of loss of power.
  • Order as few perishables as possible before a scheduled blackout period to reduce loss.
  • Add a disclaimer to your website about your plan of action for reservations during unforeseen events.

Tips for when the power goes out during business hours: