HR Basics Training for Restaurants

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Package Pricing - Member Pricing: $15.00 | Non-Member Pricing: $25.00
Subscription Length - Monthly

This unique HR Basics Training for Restaurants is designed to keep your employees aligned and set them up for success. By giving your employees basic HR training, you’re helping your employees feel safe secure and informed to help maintain your restaurant.

They’ll learn:

  • About diversity and how an inclusive environment is a huge benefit
  • To ask open-ended questions that will allow them to lead successful relationships with your customers
  • Manage their burnout and increased stressed when dealing with a difficult customer
  • Causes of common workplace violence and bullying and how to identify, report, and manage them

What’s included:

Diversity in the Workplace

How to ask Open-ended Questions

How to Deal with a Difficult Customer

Violence in the Workplace

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