CRA Discovery Program
Together We Win

Partner Discovery Program

Thank you for considering a Marketplace partnership with the California Restaurant Association.


Why consider partnering with CRA?

Partnering with CRA affords you the opportunity to connect directly with CA restaurant operators.  We can put your brand in front of more than 20,000 CA foodservice decision-makers. 


What we do:

  • We negotiate valuable discounts for our members, always keeping in mind the health of their bottom line. 
  • We provide information and resources to our members to make sure they have what they need to comply and thrive.


What we can commit to our partners:

CRA’s reach. Our reach is broad and we align ourselves with strategic partners located throughout the state as well as an established strong Chapter network of operators in Sacramento, Fresno, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego.  We are always looking to expand and grow membership in regions outside of our Chapter networks so that we can increase your audience too.  


Your success is our success!

A successful partnership can be defined in different ways.  It could be based on the number of leads generated, on the satisfaction of our members’ participation in your program or perhaps engagement with our philanthropic arm and contributions to our foundation. We can commit to working with you directly to help build a program that will accomplish your initiatives and goals.


What is the CRA Partner Discovery Program?

The Discovery Program is intended to bring select CRA Members together to help identify and meet with prospective partners. Our members are experts in the business and will lend their opinions on the best partners for our members.


How does the Discovery Program work?

Twice a year CRA will open a Call for Applications through social media channels. During that time we will have an online application for prospective partners to complete. After the applications have been reviewed by our Selection Team, we will invite prospective partners for a virtual demo day/pitch session and Q+A. Shortly thereafter, for those who are the best fit for our members, CRA will reach out to discuss agreement terms and conditions and work on a launch plan.


What happens if I do not get a virtual demo day scheduled?

We will let you know why we have not proceeded with a virtual demo day and provide any feedback we may have.


Why should I consider a Marketplace Partnership with the CRA?

If you are looking to grow your business and promote your brand, a Marketplace Partnership with CRA might be a great fit.

The CRA Marketplace serves as the main forum for service providers to engage with the CRA membership and restaurant industry.

In addition to a strategic marketing and sponsorship investment to grow your brand, our Marketplace Partners provide CRA members with discounts and benefits. Advertising placement within CRA channels is a prominent component and requires an annual investment of $9k with $2k budgeted to be spent across the Association to help accomplish your initiatives.


What is included in a CRA Marketplace Partnership?

Your minimum $9k annual investment includes:

  • Advertising in CRA’s Communications Channels including:
    • Confidential Bulletin, CRA’s podcast
    • Webinar sponsorship opportunities
    • Social Media posts with tags to your profile
    • The Source, e-newsletter banner ads
  • Access to CRA’s online member directory
  • Placement on our online Marketplace as a Preferred Provider
  • Dedicated landing page on
  • Invitation to promote the partnership at our annual trade show in August in LA
  • 10 tickets to our annual trade show
  • Dedicated relationship manager


Additionally, we will apply a $2,000 credit to be applied to other areas of the Association to help you accomplish your priorities. Whether it is a local event sponsorship, fundraising registration or to purchase more advertising, we will work with you to define the best opportunities.


What should my company offer to CRA Members?

We strive to provide our members with best-in-class solutions to help them operate more efficiently and profitably.  In addition to a discount for CRA Members, you should also consider: 

  • A revenue share back to the Association
  • Ongoing educational materials to help our members stay informed


How long does the process take?

From the Call for Applications to launch, we anticipate the process will take 6-8 weeks, pending the agreement terms and conditions, which can sometimes take longer. But we are eager to get the partnership launched and marketed to our members as quickly as possible.                         


What is the timeline for the Discovery Selection Program?

Our Partner Discovery Selection Team will review applications and let you know if your company has advanced to the next selection stage on March 19th.

CRA will reach out to applicants who have advanced to a live demo stage scheduled for March 27th and 28th.

We thank you for considering a partnership with CRA.


Applications are currently closed for review.