Bar Basics 101 Training

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Package Pricing - Member Pricing: $15.00 | Non-Member Pricing: $25.00
Subscription Length - Monthly

The training you need before bartending! This bar basics training offers your staff an extensive education on different types of wines and spirits, how these products are best served, and even how they are made! Teach your staff bar related tasks that they’ll use in the alcohol service industry.

They’ll learn:

  • The difference between the various ales available in America
  • The methods used to create American Sparkling Wine
  • The uniqueness in Beaujolais Nouveau
  • All things Chardonnay from the flavors, to the grapes to how they’re harvested
  • Gin 101 – legal requirements in the making of it and the difference between top and bottom shelf
  • Basic difference between porters and stouts
  • How Sake is made

What’s included:

American Ales

American Sparkling Wines

Beaujolais Nouveau

California Chardonay


Porter and Stout


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