Educate Yourself in October
A round-up of partner education opportunities

Our Partners

Every business needs a competitive edge. The CRA works with our talented partners to present events to help you be a better and smarter business person. The webinars are accessible from anywhere, so you can learn at your convenience. 

October 03, 2019 | Webinar: Restaurants and Service Animals – What are the Rules? (Online)

Learn how the Americans with Disabilities Act defines “service animals” and what restaurateurs need to know about service animals in restaurants. Kathy Gips, New England ADA Center, will explore the ADA’s rules in the restaurant and foodservice setting. Learn best practices – and all the do’s and don’ts — on service animals accompanying guests and employees:

  • Learn how to have an appropriate conversation if there’s any confusion over whether an animal is a service animal
  • Understand the difference between ADA-protected service animals and emotional support animals
  • Avoid PR nightmares by handling situations with sensitivity

Learn more and register hereThis webinar is produced in partnership with the National Restaurant Association’s Human Resources &  Risk and Safety Executive Study Group.

October 10, 2019 | Webinar: Protect yourself from IRS-issued 226-J letters (Online)

If you received a letter entitled 226-J from the Internal Revenue Service, don’t ignore it.

Find out what you need to know about these letters in a one-hour webinar hosted by the Restaurant Law Center.

Brian Johnston, from Jackson Lewis, P.C., a Restaurant Law Center partner, Aaron Frazier, director of healthcare policy at the National Restaurant Association, and RLC Executive Director Angelo Amador will discuss the IRS’s intensified enforcement efforts against employers for alleged noncompliance with the Affordable Care Act. The 226-J letters are the IRS’s official notice to an employer of a proposed Employer Shared Responsibility Payment (“ESRP”) assessment. It’s for allegedly failing to comply with the ACA’s employer mandate – essentially a penalty for a large employer’s failure to offer eligible full-time employees an affordable health plan. Mr. Johnston will give general advice on what you should do if you receive a 226-J letter. Mr. Frazier will update you on potential legislative fixes being pursued by the Association.

Learn more and register hereSponsored by UnitedHealthcare​.

October 17, 2019 | Legal Webinar: Tips and Tools for Surviving the Employment Relationship (Sacramento)

The Labor and Employment Group at Weintraub Tobin is pleased to offer this informative seminar that will discuss applicable laws and best practices to help business owners, human resource professionals, and managers reduce the risk of liability when they interview, hire, discipline, and terminate employees.  Join us for an overview of relevant topics covering the life-span of the employment relationship.

Learn more and register here. Sponsored by Weintraub Tobin​.

October 21, 2019 | KROST Seminar: Restaurant Management: Operations, Systems & Financial Controls (Woodland)

Learn how to analyze financial statements. Learn about basic costing and menu analysis. Learn how systems and technology can benefit your business. Learn about industry tax issues and opportunities. Learn more about tips and service charges.

Learn more and register here. Sponsored by KROST CPAs.

October 22, 2019 | Webinar: Complex, Costly Conditions – A Strategic Imperative for Payers and Employers (Online)

It’s not news that health care costs are rising. But did you know that a handful of costly, complex conditions are driving a quarter of the total health care spend in the United States?  [1]

There’s a compelling human and financial need for payers and employers to have a management strategy for populations with conditions like cancer, musculoskeletal disorders and kidney disease.

Optum has analyzed a growing body of research that helps characterize the economic rise of these conditions.

Discover the research findings in a webinar on October 22nd at 1 p.m. ET.

Jon Friedman, MD, FAST, Chief medical officer of Medical Benefit Management at Optum, will uncover: 

  • The impact cancer, kidney disease and musculoskeletal conditions have on overall health care costs 
  • Cost drivers behind these conditions and future cost projections 
  • Strategies payers and employers can use to manage complex conditions – Centers of Excellence networks, care management programs and more

Learn more and register hereSponsored by UnitedHealthcare​.

[1] Bureau of Economic Analysis. (Updated 2017, August). Blended Account, 2000-2014. Retrieved from ​

October 29, 2019 | KROST Webinar: Proformas – Projecting the Financial Future of Your Restaurant (Online)

In this webinar, we will discuss the current success rate of restaurants and the primary reasons they don’t succeed. In addition, we will review how proper planning and realistic model assumptions can help to establish an objective evaluation of your viability in the marketplace. Finally, we will highlight the necessary components of what constitutes a good business proforma and how it can benefit you going forward.

Learn more and register here. Sponsored by KROST CPAs.