Educate Yourself in June
A round-up of partner education opportunities

Our Partners

Every business needs a competitive edge. The CRA works with our talented partners to present events to help you be a better and smarter business person. These are all webinars accessible from anywhere, so you can learn at your convenience. 

June 13 webinar: The Leave Law Matrix. It’s Complicated.

Administering leaves of absence and disability accommodations in California can be very challenging. California has a paid sick leave law and numerous other leave laws and wage replacement benefits that interact with one another. To properly administer leaves and accommodate employees, employers need to understand the various types of leave/accommodations available, who is eligible under what circumstances, how to interact with an employee on a leave, and what obligations an employer has when leave is exhausted. This seminar will discuss important topics to help employers manage these laws. Learn more and register here. Sponsored by Weintraub Tobin.

June 18 webinar: HR for Safety Professionals: What To Know About Employment Law and HR

Effective safety management is intertwined with HR issues through job descriptions, employee safety orientation and training, supervisor development, safety-related discipline, safety incentives, return-to-work/light duty, wellness and security issues. One must understand the ADA, FMLA,  whistleblower protections, policy and handbook drafting, how to structure and document “difficult” discharges and a host of other supposed issues. The wise safety professional not only builds alliances with HR but develops a tool box of employment law and HR knowledge. In this webinar, we’ll review pertinent information on the ADA, FMLA, EEO, wage-hour, and effective processes for investigations, discipline, and discharge. Register here. Sponsored by Fisher Phillips.

June 19 webinar: How to Protect Your Brand While Promoting It

Smart marketing today involves connecting your brand to consumers through a myriad of third-party services–including delivery and reservation platforms, social movements, charities, education initiatives, live events, and more.The Restaurant Law Center will share expert tips for protecting your brand (a.k.a. intellectual property or IP) and for following the advertising rules as you tap into great marketing opportunities and business services. This session provides real-world case examples and best practices for restaurants. Learn more and register here. Sponsored by the Restaurant Law Center.

June 19 webinar: Worry Less About Work on Your Summer Vacation!

See it all. Manage it all. Share it all. Business intelligence that summarizes all the details of your restaurant so you can keep an eye on the big picture. Register for this webinar to take a look at how near real time reporting, forecasting, dashboards, manager log, and employee data/payroll validation can help you get a better insight into your operations. Register here. Sponsored by Compeat.