Thirty Restaurants, Hotels, and Others Launch Coalition Effort in Santa Monica to Advocate for Better Policies from City Hall
Hospitality Santa Monica is bringing together residents and businesses to fight for a safe, clean, and thriving place to call home.


November 15, 2023
Contact: Megan Gamble ▪

SANTA MONICA, CA – Today, the California Restaurant Association (CRA) announces its growing coalition, Hospitality Santa Monica, to join together local restaurants, hotels, and community leaders as a unified voice to advocate for stronger policies from City Hall to address rampant homeless-related issues, poor public safety, and the growing costs to operate here.

“Our Santa Monica members have reached a breaking point as they face a barrage of crime and homelessness issues,” said Jot Condie, California Restaurant Association President + CEO. “The safety of their guests and team members is at risk every day that the city doesn’t do more to turn things around.”

CRA has heard growing frustrations from too many local members and is taking action to organize members and others in the community to engage with City Council and thought leaders to affect positive change at the local level.

“Due to the lack of action in ensuring safe and clean streets, we’ve had to allocate additional labor to secure the hotel perimeter. This is essential for the protection of both our team members and guests,” said Diego Ruiz de Porras, General Manager of Hotel Oceana. “Unfortunately, we frequently face the need to evacuate homeless individuals sleeping in the back alley and the safety of our guests on the Palisades Promenade is a growing concern.”

“We joined this coalition effort to affect positive change through better policies that will clean up our streets and lower the cost of staying in business here,” said Lucian Tudor, CEO of Global Dining Inc., which includes 1212 Santa Monica. “We aren’t standing by because we believe in Santa Monica.”

So far, more than thirty restaurants, hotels, and other community leaders have joined Hospitality Santa Monica and CRA to build a network of engaged locals that continues to grow daily.

We urge you to learn more and join us at today.