Californians for Fair Pay and Accountability React to Attorney General Title and Summary


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SACRAMENTO, CA – Today, the Attorney General released the official title and summary of the California Fair Pay and Employer Accountability Act of 2022. The measure will reform the way workers file labor code claims by placing them back in the hands of an independent state regulator.

“The measure will redirect more than $100 million in resources to the Labor Commissioner’s office right away,” said Brian Maas, President of the California New Car Dealers Association. “The funding will go towards investigating and helping workers settle their claims with employers.”

The Act doubles all penalties for businesses willfully violating wage and hour laws. And, workers receive 100 percent of the penalties, rather than dividing the money between the state and the worker.

“This act will hold companies accountable for paying fair wages and will make wronged workers whole more quickly,” said Jot Condie, President + CEO of the California Restaurant Association. “State data shows that workers will fare better in the hands of an independent regulator than they do when bountyhunter trial lawyers leave workers with pennies while they walk away with millions.”

“California’s workers recover more money when the Labor Commissioner handles their claims, and in less time,” said Jennifer Barrera, President and CEO of CalChamber. “Importantly, workers won’t have to give a third of their award to trial lawyers.”

Under the Act, the Labor Commissioner’s office will continue to be funded by assessments on employers, not the general fund or taxpayers, ensuring there will be adequate funding year in and year out. The measure also adds a consultation unit, where businesses can request information on how to interpret and comply with the law.

“Our measure accomplishes what we set out to do,” said Dave Puglia, President and CEO of Western Growers. “It will help employers correctly follow labor laws and offer quicker and better outcomes for harmed employees.”

Californians for Fair Pay and Accountability continues to grow its coalition in support of this critical PAGA reform and begins signature gathering in the coming week.



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