California Restaurant Association Endorses Rick Caruso for Mayor of Los Angeles
Caruso’s proven leadership and business acumen is what L.A. needs now


April 5, 2022
Contact: Sharokina Shams ▪ 916-431-2749 ▪

Los Angeles, CA — The California Restaurant Association (CRA) is proud to announce its enthusiastic endorsement of Los Angeles business leader and community member Rick Caruso for Mayor of Los Angeles.

During decades of involvement in the local community, Caruso has shown that he knows not just how local economies work, but also how local government works. This fact and Caruso’s long history of civic engagement and track record of helping the city of L.A. tackle difficult and high-profile challenges are among the things that the CRA’s board of directors considered in deciding to endorse Caruso.

“The city of Los Angeles is it a crossroads the likes of which we haven’t seen in decades,” said CRA Chairman of the Board, John Tallichet. “The need is great for a strong and different kind of executive leadership in City Hall – decisive executive leadership that can turn things around without fear of political games or lost future political career opportunities. Our members and their workforce need a true change agent.”

Additionally, Caruso understands the importance of a thriving small business environment in driving a healthy local economy and providing opportunities for all Angelinos – particularly at a time when most small businesses are still recovering from the impacts of the COVID pandemic.

“To say that the last two years have been difficult would be an understatement,” Tallichet said. “Small businesses – local restaurants, in particular – need real leadership if they are to fully emerge from the ongoing impacts of COVID, and we see that leadership in Rick Caruso.”

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