Restaurant Day FAQ
What is Restaurant Day at the Capitol?

Government Affairs

California Restaurant Association (CRA) Restaurant Day at the Capitol is an annual event sponsored by CRA, where restaurant owners and operators like you gather to learn and practice lobbying for industry legislation at the state level.

It is a full-day event including a lobbying workshop and an overview of relevant proposals in your state legislature. Appointments are made for you with the legislators who represent the district your business resides in so you can visit with them (or their staff) face to face and ask for industry-friendly support.


Who should attend?

If you are a CRA member or non-member restaurant owner, operator or employee who is passionate about improving the restaurant community, we invite you to attend Restaurant Day at the Capitol.

Will I be talking to lawmakers face to face?

Yes, every attempt will be made to schedule a meeting with the legislators who represent the region your restaurant is in. In the event that your legislator cannot meet with you personally, you will get a chance to talk with one of his or her key policy advisors. Your meetings will generally last 15 to 20 minutes and you’ll be given suggested talking points and an overview of the latest restaurant-related topics under consideration to cover during the meeting.

What will my legislative meeting schedule look like?

Every attendee will receive their meeting schedule the morning of the event when they check in at the registration table. Each attendee will be assigned 3 to 5 meetings to attend in the afternoon. CRA staff will do their best to assign you to meetings with the legislators who represent the district your business resides in.

What can I do to prepare for my meetings?

Legislators want to hear your story, and no one else can share your story as well as you. Before attending Restaurant Day, think about how the issues you’ll be discussing specifically impact your business. To gain a deeper understanding of the legislative issues, there will be an issue briefing at the Hyatt in the morning before your meetings. There will also be two webinars offered before Restaurant Day to help prepare attendees and we will email all relevant materials to you a few days before the event.

Will I be escorted or alone?

Attendees are grouped according to their business districts and in many cases escorted by CRA staff. CRA will provide helpful information regarding your specific meeting groups, times and locations.

What legislation will we be discussing?

There are many, many restaurant bills filed each year during the legislative session. We choose our priority bills for Restaurant Day based upon several factors, including their impact and chance of passage. There may be other issues or topics that are important to you, but focusing on the selected bills we’ve chosen will have the most impact on your visit to the Capitol.

What should I wear?

Business casual attire is appropriate for Restaurant Day. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

I can only make it for part of the day, is that ok?

The workshop in the morning prepares attendees for legislator meetings and they are the true purpose of the day. There is little value to attend the morning briefing portion and not help make the impact in the afternoon with the legislators. Likewise, to miss the morning briefing and show up only for the legislative meetings will ill-equip you for the substance and context of the issues and meetings. It’s important to plan to attend the entire event.