10 reasons to attend Restaurant Day at the Capitol



10. The food 

If you haven’t heard, Sacramento’s dining scene is on the rise and gaining attention from foodies nationwide. It is America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital, after all. Sure, Restaurant Day at the Capitol activities will keep you busy, but it will be well worth it to squeeze in a trip to one of the city’s newest hot spots.

9. Those Kings

Directly adjacent to CRA Headquarters, you can take a sneak peek at the city’s new downtown arena.

8. Get informed

With a one-hour webinar offered just a few weeks before Restaurant Day, you’ll be fully informed and trained when April 24 rolls around. Combined with the day-of legislative briefing provided by CRA’s Government Affairs team, you’ll be set for success as a lobbyist for a day. ​

7. Find inspiration in some moving success stories

The CRA Foundation will announce the winners of the Faces of Diversity and Restaurant Neighbor awards – honoring restaurateurs who give back to their communities, and are making strides toward achieving the American Dream.

6. Restaurant Day is worth your time

We understand how busy your business keeps you, but this is one day packed with action and critical information that will set the stage for how the industry fares in the year to come.

5. Get to know your representatives

Maybe you voted for them, maybe not, but they’re making decisions on a daily basis that affect your business. It’s time to tell them your story so they keep restaurants in mind as issues arise.

4. Everyone who’s anyone will be there 

With more than 100 of California’s biggest restaurant industry heavyweights in the room, there’ll be no shortage of networking and idea-swapping opportunities. And lobbying side-by-side with your peers builds bonds that last.

3. It’s like political boot camp

You’ll dive deep into the industry’s most vexing political issues, but also learn a lot about how the legislative process works, and how the potential outcomes can affect your business.

2. You believe in this cause

You believe in the power of the restaurant industry and the millions of jobs and opportunities it provides. You spend every day working to make your business thrive, why not devote one to letting lawmakers know?

1. If you don’t stand up for restaurants, no one will

Power comes in numbers and your voice is crucial to the restaurant industry’s collective message being heard.


The California Restaurant Association Lobby Day proves to be a worthwhile event to attend.  As a small food business owner, especially one who was not familiar with the restaurant industry, it is an important avenue to educate yourself and to get your voice heard by legislators and fellow restauranteurs and stakeholders.  It is also a solid way to network with each other on a professional and personal level.  From my first year of going to Lobby Day in 2013, I immediately connected with other members and soon thereafter became a board member for my local chapter.  Since then, the experience and learning have been significant.  Lobby Day is just one of many offerings the CRA extends to its members to allow us all to make our presence known to the community-at-large.  

— Patricia Perez, Co-Owner and President of Pho Show