Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


PPE Vendors

The California Restaurant Association is not responsible for individual vendor pricing.  If you feel that pricing is unfair or unreasonable, please notify us immediately at 1-800-765-4842 ext. 2761.

To access the State of California document that provides guidance for dine-in restaurants, brewpubs, craft distilleries, breweries, bars, pubs, and wineries click here.

For more COVID-19 related resources and information, click here

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Blooming Belle                         custom designs                   contact us for a free virtual mock-up Jennifer Speck | 559.288.3448 view
Boelter       *             *         *       temporal       Mark Brewer | 817.875.6006 view
Ecolab         peroxide multi surface *                           *       Tyrone Hatch | 800.352.5326 view
Goff’s Enterprises     dividers/seperators                                         Joey Goff | 800.234.0337 view
Image Options     grocery & QSR/retail shields       *     floor                           Marsha Zoller | 949.302.8909 view
mCloud                       air scrubber                       Nancy Murray | 866.420.1781 view
Safeguard         *   * * *       *     *   *           Chris DeGaetano | 646.696.5373 view
Shamrock Foods       * *     *         *     *         *     Allen Suitor | 760.504.5235 view
Sysco *             *         *     *         *   online ordering for members, non-members can sign up online view
Port Plastics             *                 *             hand sanitizer discounted pallet pricing | 250 face shields free for every 1,000 shields purchased Sydney Alvarado | 408.571.2231 view
Professional Plastics     barriers *     * powder free | nitrile         *   *       *         888.995.7767 view
P&R Paper Supply Company               powder free | nitrile, poly, vinyl         *     70%, 73%, 80% alcohol *             Renee German | 909.389.1807 view
TNG Worldwide         *   *           *     *       infrared       Lisa Bessette | 949.735.1969 view
TriMark R.W. Smith               *     *   *   * * *   * infrared *     Gina Patterson | 619.675.4628 view
Western Pacific Distributors   *                     respirator mask-carbon filter                     Scott | 559.266.9505 view


Part-time Medical Assistant

Would you prefer to hire someone for the Covid-19 screening of your employees? 

Click here for more information.

Position: Part-time Medical Assistant

Hours: Vary by location

Restaurant Specific Information/Introduction

Medical Assistant for Restaurant Owners and Operators

Under the direction of the owner and/or shift manager common duties will be:

  • Conducting thermal or temperature scans of employees.
  • Conducting a health survey with each employee prior to the beginning of each shift.
  • Collect and record health survey data
  • Ensure that employees have appropriate face coverings
  • Review and explain COVID-19 Restaurant Operating Procedures to each employee to ensure they understand and will implement the procedures
  • Other duties as assigned in support of State and local health guidance

Medical Assistants

A Medical Assistant is a multi-skilled allied health care professional that specializes in procedures commonly performed in the ambulatory health care setting. Medical assistants perform both clinical and administrative duties and assist a variety of providers including physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. They typically work in medical offices, clinics, urgent care centers and may work in general medicine or specialty practices.

Common duties of a Medical Assistant include administrative and clinical tasks like:

  • Checking patients in and out upon arrival and departure
  • Answering phone calls and questions
  • Assisting providers with exams and procedures
  • Administering injections or medications
  • Working in the electronic health record (EHR)
  • Performing EKG, phlebotomy, and laboratory procedures
  • Taking patient vital signs

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