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Restaurant Startup & Growth magazine was launched in February 2004 as the print complement to, our official website. Our goal was and still is to fulfill a need for ongoing in-depth education on management best practices for restaurant entrepreneurs.

In the restaurant business, it is one thing to provide good food and service, and quite another to do so profitably and with a minimum of risk.

Via print and electronic publishing, video, webinars, templates and online utilities, Restaurant Startup & Growth and are a combined educational resource for owners and operators in the commercial foodservice sector. Our books include the National Restaurant Association’s Uniform System of Accounts, which is the accounting and finance benchmark for the US restaurant industry.

Restaurant Startup & Growth’s primary demographic is independent and emerging chain restaurant owners and managers; its primary synchrographic is the startup and growth phase, just as our name says. Specifically, our circulation model introduces the magazine to these operators as they are in the process of launching or expanding their concepts. This is important to you, as marketers, since this is the time when they are making key purchasing decisions that could become brand loyalty.

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