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SESAC, founded in 1930, is the second oldest Performing Rights Organization (PRO) in the United States. As a PRO, SESAC facilitates the process of bringing together the creators of music to those who wish to use copyrighted music in their establishments.  

Under Copyright Law of the United States, anyone who plays copyrighted music in an establishment is required to obtain advanced permission from the copyright owner or their representative. Simply, a copyrighted song is property and no one else can use this property in a public performance without the permission of the owner. 

SESAC offers a blanket license that authorizes you to play all of the music in our repertory as often as you want in your establishment. There is no need to locate, contact and obtain permission directly from each of our affiliates.
The SESAC license has been designed to be easy to complete and understand. 

For additional information from the BBB, please read their article, Music In The Marketplaceemail or call 1-800-826-9996.

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