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Fishbowl local-online marketing made easy for CRA members

Fishbowl is proud to partner with the California Restaurant Association to bring you an exclusive e-mail marketing offer: CRA members can sign up today for a Fishbowl Local account and send 500 FREE e-mail messages a month to their guests. Get started at https://independent.fishbowl.com/

Fishbowl’s Local Marketing Suite provides restaurants all of the tools needed to manage a successful online guest marketing program. Fishbowl Local includes:

  • E-mail marketing: 500+ restaurant templates, automated loyalty messages, including birthday club, in-store and online guest sign-up tools
  • Social media marketing: Manage multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts, schedule posts and e-mails to publish across multiple accounts for now or future, track engagement and audience growth
  • Reputation management: Track reviews from hundreds of sites, receive e-mail alerts when new reviews are posted, compare your reputation to your competitors

SM3 – full-service online marketing

Need help managing all of your online marketing? Fishbowl also has you covered. Fishbowl’s SM3 Service provides you a dedicated online marketing expert to plan, design and execute your entire online marketing campaigns and more.

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