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How to keep your team members happy in an ever-changing environment

In this guide, we’ll share tips on how to best utilize your CRA benefits to help retain staff.

The following sections are filled with discounted resources, tools, and articles to help keep your business moving.

DISCLAIMER: This content is provided for information purposes only and is not intended as legal, accounting, tax, HR, or other professional advice.

Step 1. Start with a hiring tool that fits your needs.

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It begins with an open position and the need to fill it with a qualified candidate. A job posting is an opportunity to introduce yourself, a first impression of your business. So, where do you begin? What tool can help you do it right?

CRA members receive exclusive offers from top-tier hiring solutions. Check them out below.


CRA Partner – Discount

Workstream: The smarter way to hire and retain hourly workers

Members receive a 20% discount, 125/location/month with an annual agreement.

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Article – 18min Read

Everything to know about interviewing by Workstream

Interviewing. The very word can strike fear into the heart of even the most experienced job seekers and…

Staff standing by register

Webinar – 28min Watch

CRA Marketplace Partner Webinar with Workstream: Learn how to attract loyal hourly workers by diversifying your sourcing strategy

Recorded on: May 24, 2023 | Password: 8UJtG+K$

Step 2. Healthy options for your employees (and their families)

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You take care of your family at home. Take care of your work family by providing healthy options for them to take advantage of. Employees are more likely to stay with a company that offers valuable insurance benefits.

CRA members receive exclusive offers and discounts from Healthy Hospitality. Check them out below.

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CRA Partner – Discount

UnitedHealthcare: Exclusive Health Care Discounts for Employers

Members receive up to a 5% discount on manual medical rates, annual invoice credit, and/or specialty benefits like dental, vision, life, disability, accident, and critical illness.

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CRA Partner – Discount

HealthiestYou by Teladoc: Exclusive negotiated price for Employers

HealthiestYou from Teladoc will be offered at a members-only negotiated price of $9 per employee per month ($9/mo includes employee + entire family) with $0 copays.

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CRA Partner – Discount

Hospitality Health: Individual + Family Health Insurance for Employees

Part-time and full-time team members of CRA members can access affordable personal health insurance. The Affordable Care Act/Exchange plans covers a list of essential health benefits.

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CRA Partner – Discount

HealthiestYou or Teladoc by Teladoc Health: Virtaul Health Care for Individuals

Take control of your health with unlimited 24/7 virtual visits from Teladoc. Two programs are available: for you and your family.

HealthiestYou: $12/month
Teladoc: $5/month

People people setting a table with treats


UnitedHealthcare: Supporting employees with a simpler health care experience

This shift is apparent in benefit strategies. Employees and their families are looking for more personalized and customized solutions to help them manage their health and well-being. In fact, 7 in 10 employees surveyed agreed that their employer…

Step 3. Keep your employees happy with unique perks and resources

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We all love a good deal and so do your employees. Let them know you care by giving them access to exclusive perks and resources tailored to them.

CRA members receive exclusive access to discount programs. Check them out below.

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Perks at Work: Perks that matter to help you live a better and healthier life.

CRA members have access to a free employee perks and discount program. This program gives your staff exclusive access to employee pricing discounts. Explore deals on the CRA Perks at Work program.

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Article – 10min Read

LinkedIn Data Insights: 3 Factors Strongly Linked to Better Employee Retention, According to 32 Million LinkedIn Profiles

As grim as it sounds, it’s proven to be pretty useful building actuarial tables. So we applied the same calculation to the world of employee retention to see the odds of someone staying at a company — and we found three factors…

Step 4. Invest in employee education

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Research shows that across all industries, 87% of our Millennials, who make up a large part of our [food and beverage] workforce, feel that training development is crucial to the job and 93% will stay with you longer.

CRA members receive exclusive discounts on compliance trainings and employee development trainings. Check them out below.

 CRA Front of House Certified Employee Program

CRA Certified Program – Training

Front of House Curriculum

This training will define the front of the house, review common guest interactions, and general shift requirements. Trainings are on-demand and easy to share with new or existing employees.

 CRA Back of House Certified Employee Program

CRA Certified Program – Training

Back of House Curriculum

This course will provide you with an overview of the back of the house. It will highlight various job duties, common kitchen stations and kitchen philosophies. Trainings are on-demand and easy to share with new or existing employees.

Bar Basics Package

CRA Training Platform – Back to Basics

Bar Basics 101 Training

The training you need before bartending! This bar basics training offers your staff an extensive education on different types of wines and spirits, how these products are best served, and even how they are made! Teach your staff bar related tasks that they’ll use in the alcohol service industry.

HR Basics Package

CRA Training Platform – Back to Basics

HR Basics Training for Restaurants

This unique HR Basics Training for Restaurants is designed to keep your employees aligned and set them up for success. By giving your employees basic HR training, you’re helping your employees feel safe secure, and informed to help maintain your restaurant.

Safety Basics Package

CRA Training Platform – Back to Basics

Safety Basics Training for Restaurants

Protect your employees with the restaurant safety basics training program. Training employees in safety can be effective in decreasing injuries, reducing costs, and improving employee happiness.

Person working behind a bar

Article – 6min Read

Nation’s Restaurant News: How to keep talent past the first three days

Employee turnover in restaurants remains at record-high levels, even as the industry recovers from the pandemic. According to Black Box Intelligence, hourly workers are turning over at 173%…